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Saturday 18th July 2015

New Single and Video coming SOON!

How time slips through our fingers… more

Tuesday 17th March 2015

Dorothea's Boat Is Afloat!

Hello everyone. Wow. What a month it has been so far. Just as I was getting ready for the release of Dorothea's Boat, as well as my trip back from California to England, I was hit hard by the flu. Aches, shivers, coughs, sneezes, sore throat, the list goes on. Suffices to say, it couldn't have happened at a less opportune time (as if there is ever a good time for flu), and it made the release of Dorothea's Boat a rather disjointed one… more

Wednesday 11th February 2015

A busy start to 2015

A very belated "Happy New Year" to all. I hope your festivities were fun, and that 2015 has started well for you. As you can tell from the two month silence, I have been incredibly busy. I thought that it would be good to write things down - mainly for my own sanity, but perhaps you might be interested, too… more

Monday 8th December 2014

A vinyl, some stingrays, and a torn ligament.

I am aware that I consistently open my entries with an apology for the duration since the last, so I'll make it an end-of-year resolution to stop that, not worry so much, and allow a bit of writing per month to be just fine. I hope you'll agree… more

Sunday 2nd November 2014

New Look Website and Dorothea's Boat Details

Welcome to the new look website! In preparation for the release of Dorothea's Boat, I felt it fitting to refresh the website's image, and give it a lick of cyber-paint. Expect some changes to the content on various pages as time progresses, but for now, enjoy the scenery… more



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